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Stadium and Gym Reservation (flow)


1、Initial contact with customers

1A customer can make a consultation about the venue condition. Relevant company employee introduces available venues, relevant equipment and facilities and lease prices and invite the customer to come for a physical investigation.

2A customer introduces its company and such basic information as the time, scale, number of people of the activity to be held.

3Check annual schedule arrangements according to customer information. If it is possible to arrange an activity schedule, show Information on Holding Large Activities to the customer and sign a letter of intent with the same.

2Activity negotiation stage

1Both parties have a business negotiation with regard to cooperative terms to finalize the contents of contract.

2Submit the contract for examination and approval, counter signature and show the venue certificate to the other side, handle relevant formalities.

3Activity preparation and execution stage

1The customer provides such schemes as including activity scheme, security scheme and construction scheme.

2Hold a coordinating meeting in which relevant departments of the company assess relevant schemes.

3Carrying out activity, establishing an abutment mechanism between customer and all stadiums and gyms (departments) of the company.

4Activity execution.

4Activity ending stage

1Hold a coordinating meeting with activity venue clearing. 

2Relevant stadiums and gyms (departments) of the company inspect clearing result. 

3Relevant stadiums and gyms (departments) of the company submit an activity summary to relevant staff in the Operation Dept. for summary and the Operation Dept. will report to the company leader.

     When there is any call consulting about sports events or performance activities, etc., the staffs in the Comprehensive Dept. or the Operation Dept. of all stadiums and gyms will contact. We will be full of enthusiasm to introduce to the opposite side in more detail about the specific information on activities in Dalian Sports Center and make suggestions on venues, equipment and facilities, etc.

     Telephone of Merchants Department : 0411-86698943/8944


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