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2016Dalian Women’s Tennis Open

Tennis Baby Selection

       2016 Dalian Women’s Tennis Open will be launched in the Tebon Securities Dalian Tennis Center (Dalian Sports Center-Tennis Center) this September. Come on, parents of tennis loving babies. Fad-conscious Mom and Dad, act immediately to bring your baby’s attention to the Sports Center, to the tennis matches, and share the fun of tennis sport! Do not miss the opportunity!

Registration rules

I. Application period

May 27-June 5, 2016

II. Requirements

1. Age limit: 5-10 years old;

2. Photograph shooting site: the designated painted background panel beside the sightseeing lift on the ground floor of Dalian Galleria Plaza (Conference Center Metro Station, No. 80, Changjiangdong Road, Zhongshan District).

3. Sign up: During the application period, parents are expected to upload the pictures of their children taken at the above designated site to the WeChat Public Platform of Dalian Sports Center and leave the following information: “name of baby + gender + age + contact information.”


Application consultation telephone: 0411-82317888

ps: Whichever fan who has uploaded the photograph and the required information will be considered as having successfully participated. False photo and untrue application information will be considered as invalid. The same baby is not allowed to sign up for more than once.

III. Selection schedule

June 6-12: follow the WeChat Public Platform of Dalian Sports Center and participate in WeChat vote. The top three baby candidates shall receive substantial awards.

June 15: the result of voting shall be announced.

15:30-16:00, June 18 (Saturday): Award Ceremony at Dalian Galleria Plaza.


IV. Awards

First prize: Tennis Baby Certificate; 2 admission tickets for the Sports Center Vocal Concert; 3 tickets for the final match of the Tennis Open Championship; 1 Quanzai Car Hailing taxi coupon of RMB 500 yuan; 1 authorized version of Marvel tableware.

Second prize: 3 tickets for the final match of the Tennis Open Championship; 1 Quanzai Car Hailing taxi coupon of RMB 300 yuan; 1 authorized version of Marvel tableware.

Third prize: 3 tickets for the final match of the Tennis Open Championship; 1 Quanzai Car Hailing taxi coupon of RMB 100 yuan; 1 authorized version of Marvel tableware.

What are you waiting for? Come to Galleria Plaza with your baby, take a picture of him/her, and send it to us. The finally selected tennis baby of 2016 Dalian International Women’s Tennis Open may be nobody else but the little baby star at your side!

Quanzai Car Hailing App.

       Quanzai Car Hailing App., an environmental friendly car hailing platform headquartered in Dalian, has already established a regular, perfect and unified car management system and a user service platform. As a promoter for the concept of green travel, this company endeavors to link up mankind and his daily life with new energy electric vehicles, creating an intelligent and environmental friendly means of transportation for citizens of Dalian to change the way they travel, thus making their life more efficient and their travel more convenient. The purpose of travel is to get closer to your loved ones. A very important decision you have to make for instantly starting a pleasant trip is what kind of vehicle you are to choose—the electric powered chauffeured car service promises you a healthy, environmental friendly and radiation-free mode of travel.

       Quanzai Car Hailing App completely employs new energy electric powered vehicles, ensuring a stylish, green, and fashionable pattern of travel.

Zero yuan starting fare sets you on a carefree trip.

       RMB 1.5 yuan/km, 0.5 yuan/minute, no starting fare, and ordinary folk-affordable chauffeured car service.

Headquartered in Dalian and more familiar with the city.

       An environmental friendly chauffeured car service for local citizens, which is headquartered in Dalian and is therefore more familiar with the city. With its service network covering all four urban districts, it can provide more convenient service!

Car-mounted WiFi is an intimate servant for you.

       Free car-mounted WiFi! We have drinking water, tissue, umbrella, etc., all are ready for your service.

Exclusive chauffeur and exclusive car.

       All our chauffeurs are real-name registered and have passed unified training. All our service missions are under close supervision from the Platform. Therefore you can be assured of a safe and reliable service. 

Dalian Galleria Plaza

       Galleria Plaza is the first international fashion and shopping center Dalian introduced from Europe integrating shopping, catering, recreation and entertainment. It is connected to Exhibition Center Station of Metro Line No. 2. Dalian Galleria Plaza is the first shopping center in Dalian with garden view and double first floors and it is also the largest shopping center for family recreation and entertainment, which has the most complete and strongest fast fashion combination of H&M, ZARA, UNIQLO and C&A, the well-known family brand Mothercare, Molly Fantasy, YuYuTo, the leading entertainment facility Terminal ONE, Tom’s World, Dalian’s best and largest IMAX+4D cinema CGV Cinema, and diversified dining restaurants. Dalian Galleria Plaza is dedicated to meeting the different aesthetic demands of Dalian people, providing each of them with a wonderful shopping experience in Galleria and enabling them to have the fantastic shopping trip unique in Europe without going abroad.

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