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Dalian Sports Centers Providing an Efficient Guarantee 

for Zhou Jielun’s Concert 

       At 19:30pm on Jul. 12, 2014, the Opus Jay World Tour for 2014 in Dalian was opened formally in Dalian Sports Center. This concert, which lasted for 3 hours and a half and attracted around 40,000 fans to add to the fun at the venue, was successfully held. This concert is the first large-scale theatrical performance event undertaken by the Stadium of Dalian Sports Center from its completion and is also the large-scale theatrical performance event with the most audiences so far in Dalian. 

The Stadium of Dalian Sports Center held large-scale theatrical performance event for the first time

       With the performance time drawing near day by day, the organizer constantly fed back the information about hot ticket selling. It was expected that the audiences would reach around 40,000, being the most present in venue among large-scale concerts so far in Dalian. With the completed Stadium of Dalian Sports Center undertaking for the first time a concert with such a scale, all involved such as stadium equipment, security, cleaning and city armed police, traffic police paid much attention and made an elaborate preparation and a careful deployment beforehand to ensure the performance to take place successfully and smoothly. At the same time, food retail point, medical service point, etc. were set up in the Stadium to provide considerate and convenient service to the audiences.  
The audiences came in with courtliness and in good order, the atmosphere at the venue reached high tide constantly    

       From 16:00pm on the 12th, the audiences arrived at the Sports Center successively and constantly. The Municipal Public Security Department sent out 1,800 public security guards to provide security guarantee at the venue. Under the cooperation of the facility workers and by using such field security, guiding equipment as security door, security device, mobile guardrail, etc., a good entry environment was formed. 
       The audiences present showed a good quality by being courtly and in good order, abiding by field direction and guiding consciously. Under the active and initiative cooperation of the audiences, nearly 40,000 audiences came in within 2 hours completely. A lot of audiences were surprised: “We are shocked by the spectacular scale of the Sports Center.” 
       The 8,000 seats on the lawn and the 30,000 plus seats on the stand in the Stadium were all occupied. Being more than 30 years old, Zhou Jielun was more matured and full of energy on the stage. With gorgeous stage lighting, perfect song arrangement and one after another golden melodies and good songs, the atmosphere at the venue was fanatical and high tides appeared constantly. The magenta fluorescent light sticks in the whole stadium swung rhythmically with the songs to form one after another light rings to make the stadium under the night sky become an ocean of flower. Though the performance lasted for 3 hours and a half, a lot of audiences still sighed that time went by too fast. 

The audiences evacuated fast and left safely, the service guarantee of the facility was high in quality and efficient 

       The newly completed Dalian Sports Center has scientific and rational evacuation routes, clear and noticeable guiding marks. The 6 exits out of 8 in the Sports Center were completely open that could satisfy the need for high-flow crowds to assembly, evacuate. Within 30 minutes after performance, the audiences left substantially. Within 50 minutes, thousands of vehicles drove away from the Sports Center. At around 23:30, the traffic returned to normal. 
       It is proved by practice that both the first-class facility conditions in Dalian Sports Center and the high-quality and efficient service guarantee from the facility side can bear extreme test from international and domestic large-scale events, cultural and performance activities. Dalian Sports Center will bring more colorful theatrical performances and exciting world-class sports events to the city residents in future. 

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