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“Dalian Tiandi” Cup • Lightning Bicycle League of Three Provinces 

in Northeast China at Dalian Sports Center Station was held successfully

       On Jul. 13, 2014, the individual time trials for the second station of “Dalian Tiandi” Cup for 2014 • Lightning Bicycle League of Three Provinces in Northeast China hosted by Dalian Cycling Association and co-hosted by Dalian Yongguan Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Dalian Sports Center. 
       As a highlight among the national road cycling races, much attention has been paid by broad outdoor enthusiasts and professional cycling associations to this cycling league since it was held for the first time last year. The slightly moist fresh air with rich oxygen and the flat and spacious circuit of Dalian Sports Center which is far away from the city center are valuable to outdoor enthusiasts and broad city residents. In this league, the national most enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts came and gathered specially in the Sports Center to observe and exchange what they had got, enjoy together the pleasant experience of sports fitness. This league was not only a magnificent cycling sports event, but also a good platform provided by Dalian Sports Center for outdoor enthusiasts to exchange broadly, show themselves and experience the low-carbon life style. 

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