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Etiquette and Courtesy Training to Employees of Dalian Sports Center 

      To normalize the words and deeds of the employees of the company, mold a good external company image, create a first-class management team, the company invited specially Professor Zhang Yansong from Dalian Vocational Technical School to present a training lecture on etiquette and courtesy to all employees on Apr. 29, 2014. 
      In the training, Professor Zhang explained the concept of “etiquette”, interpreted the relation between etiquette and enterprise image, introduced the etiquettes and attentions in daily intercourse, work communication and foreign reception. Through Professor Zhang’s popular theoretical explanation and vivid case analysis, the employees knew that respecting is the starting point of etiquette, being good at expressing is the key of etiquette and normalization in form is the result of etiquette. To keep the enterprise invincible in the fierce market competition, it is necessary to strength moral cultivation, provide smiling service and receive every visitor with a good etiquette. 
      This etiquette training has caused an enthusiastic response from the employees, stimulated their work enthusiasm and energy. The company will arrange successively a series of vocational trainings to improve the professional quality of the employees   according to the requirements of the employees to eventually realize the enterprise philosophy as “pursuing excellence, flying dreams”.
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