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2018 Karen Mok’s “Exceedingly Beautiful” Concert in Dalian



       This year is the twenty-fifth year of Karen Mok’s debut. Dyrign the twenty-five years, she has grown on all aspects of singing, acting, and even dressign up. She is the most special one in the entertainment circle. Now, 48-year-old Karen Mok is still a exceedingly beautiful woman, and her body and appearance is so young as it is 25 years ago, and her charming legs which were insured for RMB 80 million are still sexcy. On November 3, Karen Mok’s “Exceedingly Beautiful” Concert will be opened in Dalian Sports Center Stadium, she will tell her fans everything along the way.

       In the process of “Exceedingly Beautiful” Concert, Karen Mok will have a variety of beautiful dresses, which are designed by fashion designer from France, Italy and China. These dresses ahs collected lots of ideas and will show a beautiful, sexy and stylish Karen Mok. The preparation of the playlist is also very careful, 40 classic songs, such as Overcast Sky, Outside World, Loves Me Not, Fruit of Mid-Summer, All Of A Sudden, etc., will also be sung to enliven the atmosphere, and the past memories of the on-site fans will also be aroused in the intangible and pesante singing of Mo Wenwei. It will be a new memory in the movement. During the performance, Karen Mok will also join many colorful and cultural elements, such as the traditional drama, drum, national song and dance and other elements, and realize the perfect combination of the Chinese and the West; different song themes will have independent video; several lifting platforms and rotating platforms onteh stage are ingenious and complex and will create a multilayered three-dimensional picture.

       On November 3, as one of the best performance venues, Dalian Sports Center Stadium will ignite the light of the beginning, together with the fans, expect Karen Mok to bring 25-year memory and touch.

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