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‘Jindi Group Cup’ Friendly Charity Match between Dalian and Hong Kong Star


       Sponsored by Dalian Football Association, Dalian Charity Federation, and Dalian Youth Development Federation, ‘Jindi Group Cup’ Friendly Charity Match between Dalian Star Soccer Team and Hong Kong Star Soccer Team will be held in the Stadium of Dalian Sports Center on September 9. Football fans can come to the Sports Center to cheer up the stars you like while watching fierce matches of Chinese Super League.

       Hong Kong Soccer Team of this match is composed of 20 Hong Kong stars like Alan Tam. Due to busy schedules of stars, it is uncertain that who will appear on the football fields of the Sports Center. As for Dalian football stars, Wei Yimin, Zhang Enhua, Han Wenhai, Wang Peng, Jiang Feng, Chi Shangbin, Xu Hong will show up. These football stars have carried the glory of Dalian football. Dalian football fans are really looking forward to see their playing football on the football field. It is worthwhile for football fans coming on the day of competition. During the half-time break, singing of stars and famous football players as well as the interaction section will also enable the audience to enjoy an audio-visual feast of great quality and standard. In order to inspire teenagers’ enthusiasm towards football, win the attention on and support for the cultivation of youth football talents, and promote the development of football, charity donation ceremony for Dalian youth football will be held after the match so as to push forward the healthy development of Dalian youth football.

       It is learned that Hong Kong Star Soccer Team was established in 1985. It was initiated by the famous singer Alan Tam and Wan Chi-Keung, the deceased former center forward of Hong Kong Soccer Team. It is composed of singers, film makers and television personality like Alan Tam, Eric TsangChan, Natalis, etc., who love the soccer sport, and famous soccer stars. Over the years, its members have held charity matches or fund raising activities all over the world, and got the donation of CNY 500,000,000 for organizations and individuals both at home and abroad, from which mentally retarded children, disabled people, teenagers, the elderly, etc., have been benefited. Matches between Dalian Star Soccer Team and Hong Kong Star Soccer Team have been held as early as 2010 and 2011.

       It is hoped that by drawing on the charisma of Hong Kong Star Soccer Team, the development of Dalian football will be promoted through this competition. Hong Kong stars will offer football fans a fabulous football feast together with Dalian football stars. Tickets of this competition are now being sold on Let us work together with Alan Tam to support the development of youth football in Dalian

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