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2018 Jay Chou The Invincible 2 World Tour in Dalian 


       After having been longing for two-years, fans of Jay Chou can finally watch his new tour in Dalian. On July 14 and July 15, Jay Chou will come to Dalian Sports Center for the third time and bring his fans the Invincible 2 World Tour.

       Jay Chou has held many concerts in Dalian. Every time he comes to Dalian, his fans in Dalian will come for him. Top-notch production, various styles, fancy stage, and first-class music, Jay Chou has enthralled his fans. The Invincible 2 is the seventh large-scale tour of Jay Chou, and it is also the model of innovative and high-tech visual experience, and shocking sound effects, which will turn many ‘impossible’ into Jay Chou’s ‘first time’. This concert will not incorporate the elements of going to the sky, diving into the ocean, and having fantastic encounter with mermaids. With ‘true’ videos, ‘splendid’ scenes, and ‘exaggerating’ props, he strives to bring an audio-visual feast for his fans. When you hear the familiar songs, matched with scenes of infinite reverie, and dazzling lighting, you will have feeling ‘AIYO, Not bad’.

       Everyone has a song of Jay Chou in his/her heart. With his music imprints, life would be complete. With his songs, we would have contentment. On July 14 and July 15, let us go to the concert of memories of youth.

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