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2018 Prajna Shankha World Tour in Dalian


       Bo Re is the transliteration of Sanskrit Prajna, which refers to the perception of everything as it is and the wisdom of the origin of all; Shankha implies the road to victory. The epic work Prajna Shankha, which has attracted great attention from the public, is aimed at enlightening and delivering wisdom and thoughts to open up our spirituality and awaken our primitive intelligence. On June 2, let us get together in the Stadium of Dalian Sports Center to listen to Prajna Shankha coming from the heart.

       Prajna Shankha Concert is divided into four chapters: the first chapter Yun Geng Zi Di will begin with the performance of the artist Yanggima, who dedicates to ancient music of Monba Nationality and modern music; the second chapter is Shu Xian De Yue. Ma Changsheng, the troubadour, artist of mentality, Guqin performer and the singer of mentality who discovers the feelings of life essence, will touch our heartstrings with his singing; the third chapter is Tian Gu Lei Yin. The Without Limit which integrates the various regional customs and faith, and music elements will transmit the oriental philosophical thoughts in the form of music; the fourth chapter is Jin Lian Xi Di. This Prajna Shankha Concert will end up with Li Yugang’s singing of integrity, mildness, elegance, clearness, and profoundness.

       For a concert, the team behind the scene plays an equal important role in whether such concert will strike upon our minds and leave deep impressions. Li Yugang, the chief director of this concert, Cai Weiman, the executive director, Li Peng, stage design supervisor, Jiang Min, the stage designer, Jia Lei, the make-up stylist, and Song Li, the costume designer, all have preeminent personal capabilities and competence, and have been tested by domestic and foreign large-scale activities.

       This music feast which is the collision and perfect integration of traditional culture and modern arts will be not only the perfect audiovisual enjoyment but also ablution of spirit.

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