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Good Voice + Most Ictus concert by stars in Dalian in 2014


      On Jan. 18, 2014, four groups of popular trainees from each of such two major trump programs as Good Voice in China and Most Ictus in China will come to Dalian to hold a “Good Voice + Most Ictus concert by stars” in Dalian Zhongsheng Cultural Center to present a live shocking video and audio feast to the audiences in Dalian. The performance this time is deluxe in lineup, stars of Good Voice: Bi Xia, Xuan Xuan, Zhang Xinyi, Li Qiuze, stars of Most Ictus: Liu Minghui, Chen Yiling, Hope combination, Yin Xishui. What is worthy of mentioning is that Yin Xishui, who is among the top 12 singers in Most Ictus in China, comes from Dalian. The performance this time is not only the first landing of a concert of the two major programs in Dalian, but also the first performance of “little fat Yin” in his hometown after joining in the program.
     On the day before yesterday, the host held a press conference to disclose to reporters what are the highlights and what are behind the curtain of this concert. The front PKs of the trainees from “Good Voice” and “Most Ictus” may be called to be full of highlights, because all of them are hot trainees in the programs according to the list of the 8 groups of trainees exposed by media. The relevant principal of the host introduced that the lineup was determined according to their degrees of popularity in Dalian. For example, Bi Xia is pursued and admired by a lot of male fans in Dalian. With respect to the concert form, the principal disclosed that the 8 groups of trainees would sing 4 pieces of works respectively, in which there must be songs that made them famous in the programs and there would also be new works. Xuan Xuan, Na Ying’s excellent student, will also challenge her classic works.
     The host also disclosed that the beginning and end of each year is the time when the performance market is busy. It is not easy for the eight groups of hot trainee to gather together in the concert this time. Originally they also wanted to invite Zhang Hengyuan and the Mushroom Brothers, however, they are occupied in I Want to Appear in Spring Festival Gala and can not come. As the reporter know, the eight groups of singers in the concert this time are currently all contracted artists in Sister Na Ying’s Naxin Company. After “Good Voice” and “Most Ictus” programs were over, Na Xin signed contracts with these trainees to pave the way for its future development.

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