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Justin Bieber’ Show in Dalian Attracting Ten Thousand People



In the evening on the day before yesterday, Canadian idol giant star Justin Bieber caused a sensation in the seaside city, who presented in the Sports Gym of Dalian Sports Center his performance titled “Believing · World Performance Tour” in the second station in China. This show was hosted by Dalian Tiange Media, which attracted more than 10 thousand fans. In addition to music fans from local Dalian and the three provinces in Northeast China, there were also music fans from such far places as Shenzhen, Sichuan, Guansu, etc. However, the 90-minute show did not seem to be enough for a lot of fans. When Baby, a song making the singer popular, commenced, it caused a chorus by all. Bieber, who frequently showed his naked upper body and played music instruments on the spot, caused all fans to shriek.


In the gym: Bieber changed clothes and naked his upper body before the public causes all present to shriek.


Dalian Station was the second station of Bieber’s performance tour in China. With the warm-up in the first station in Beijing, it was hotter in Dalian station. Before the show commenced, a lot of Bieber’s fans were present richly dressed. Some fans from faraway places even wore their national costumes to come to the spot.

       When the singing drew near, all present shrieked when they saw countdown on stage. Justin Bieber, who was much expected, came on stage all in white. He sang nearly 20 classic songs including All Around the World, Believe, etc. When the singing was under way, Bieber also went to the stage edge to grab the video camera from the cameramen to interact with the audience. In a while, he shot the fans. In a while, he pointed the lens at himself. This made the fans crazy.

       However, what surprised the fans the most was Bieber’s liking to change clothes before the public and he even naked his upper body. When he sang “one less lonely girl”, a lucky female fan was invited on stage. This was a practice in his concert. He not only put on a flower wreath for the female fan, but also asked her intimately: “sweetwhat is your name” This caused female fans to become “admired, envious and annoyed” collectively and shriek constantly.

On the concert, in addition to singing and dancing vigorously, hotly and with a deep feeling, Bieber also showed his super-high skills in gaiter, rack drum and electronic piano. The surprising varieties made fans too busy to take care of. What a pity was that Bieber only sang for 90 minutes due to concert time limit. This made a lot of fans feel sorry as they did not enjoy themselves to the full.


     Outside the gym: The selling of derivatives was hot. The fans went to the hotel to “visit”.


Bieber’s team paid attention to the performance in Dalian very much. Therefore, after communicating with the hosting party – Tiange Media, they decided to provide in Dalian station an opportunity to ten fans to have an intimate contact with him. Being able to have such a rare opportunity made the fans very excited, as such an opportunity cost RMB 8,888 yuan in Shanghai.

    Until now, Bieber is the biggest international giant star opening solo concert in Dalian and Northeastern Region. Before this, the hosting party – Tiange Media predicted that Bieber’s performance tour in Dalian station might be wholly “booked” by the fans in the three provinces in Northeast China, But the reporter knew from the spot that in addition to the fans in local Dalian and the three province in Northeast China, there were also fans from Shenzhen, Sichuan, Gansu, etc.

      When the concert was over, the enthusiasm of the fans became no less. Such relevant derivatives as photos with signature, theme T-shirts outside the gym, etc. became bestseller commodities. One original T-shirt cost RMB 200 yuan. Multiple booths were enclosed by fans. A lot of fans still felt that they did enjoy to the full and decided to go to the hotel where Bieber stayed to “visit” the idol. By reporter Li Hongbo from Peninsula Morning Newspaper, Haili Web.


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