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2017 Yoga Lin  "The Great Yoga " World Concert Tour in Dalian

       On June 9, the world concert tour ‘The Great Yoga 2017’ that has long been awaited by fans will be held in Damai Center (Dalian Sports Center-Stadium).
Since Yoga Lin returned to music after he had retired from the army in 2015, he has continuously released many songs and shown his music power. No matter it is the TV drama ending song ‘Single’, the hot album ‘Sell like Hot Cakes’, the reproduced song ‘Fulfill’, or the movie interlude song ‘Who Will Listen to You in the World’, have received strong response from fans. The world concert tour ‘The Great Yoga’ which started in 2016 is almost sell-out for each performance.
       It is known that the most prominent feature of this concert is that fans can choose ways they most prefer to feel Yoga Lin. You can not only hear the most popular songs sung by Yoga Lin but also newly presented songs which you have never heard; this concert will be further upgraded not only in terms of visual presentation but also hardware, and polished with the story concept, the production time of which is longer than previous ones. Furthermore, the interaction link with fans will be prepared to make everybody engaged in the concert. Listening to Yoga Lin’s singing is like free and relaxed roam in his music world. In his music, it seems that you could see him challenging each yoga movements, which is like the spirit yoga. Therefore, watching Yoga Lin’s concert, to put it in an interesting way, is like group yoga with approximately one thousand people.
       In the sports center on June 9, you can free yourselves in the music movement space created by Yoga Lin, and feel the brand new experience brought by him as well as the deep touch from his most sincere music spirit. See you there, and that is the deal.

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