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Information on Entry for Swimming Gym Swimmers


1、When entering into or exiting from the venue, it is imperative to follow the due sequence without crowding, kicking up a fuss, clogging the passages and entrances and exits in the gym.

2、It is prohibited to bring in such dangerous articles as guns, ammunitions, inflammables, explosives, highly toxic substances, etc. and other articles harming security. It is not allowed to bring any animal in.

3、It is not allowed to run about, talk loudly, rumble. Keep quiet in the gym. 

4、It is not allowed to smoke, spit everywhere, commit nuisance, litter fruit skins, paper cuttings, etc. 

5、Swimmers must observe all rules and regulations of the swimming gym, obey the management of the workers and take a good care of the facilities in the swimming gym 

6、Swimmers should have activities within a specified area according to their health conditions and swimming skills. Children must be accompanied by parents or adults, otherwise they are not allowed in.

7、When buying tickets, cards, please count on the spot. Once sold, no swimming ticket (card) will be returned. A swimming card should be used within the specified time of that year, which will be obsolete when expired.

8、When having an electronic hand tag issued, swimmers put on the slippers provided by the gym and enter by sequence. In case of swimming organized by a unit, there must be a team leader or management person who organizes to enter in order.

9、When exiting, claim your shoes after returning the electronic hand tag and settling the account. The electronic hand tag must be compensated according to the price if it is lost or damaged. Please lock the locker against the number and preserve the electronic hand tag by yourself properly. Do not bring in such valuable articles as mobile phone, cash, etc., otherwise you will be liable for yourself if they get lost.

10、Patients with such diseases as heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc. and drunk customers are prohibited to swim, otherwise you will suffer any consequences. Patients with such infectious diseases as skin disease, conjunctivitis, venereal disease, etc. are prohibited to swim in the pool.

11Before entering into the pool, swimmers must be subject to a shower and go through a foot disinfecting tank and then go inside to swim. It is prohibited to wear underwear or underpants to swim in the pool. It is prohibited to enter the inner venue bringing bath articles and in shoes.

12、Swimming beginners are not allowed to enter into the deep water area. It is not allowed to cross the shallow water marking line to enter into the deep water area with a life ring.

13、It is prohibited to dive by running up. It is not allowed to swim underwater in the deep water area. Before swimming, it is imperative to make a good preparation. It is prohibited to make any movement that may result in an injury accident in the pool.

14、A swimmer must wear regular swimwear and cap, otherwise no entry is allowed.

15、It is imperative to save water consumption, take a good care of the public properties. Any loss will be compensated according to the price. 

16、Bring no food into the swimming area by yourself. 

17、The right to interpret the regime belongs to the Swimming Gym of the Sports Center.

The above points must be observed conscientiously. Management must be obeyed. The liability for anything lost or other accident resulting from violating the above regulations shall be taken by yourselves. Without observing the regulations and listening to no persuasion, one will be dealt with according to related regulations.


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