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2017 Zhiqian "I Seem to Have Seen You Somewhere" National Concert Tour in Dalian

       Xue Zhiqian 2017 National Concert Tour will be held on April 22 at Damai Center (Dalian Sports Center - Gymnasium). The tickets began to be sold from March 13 in and quickly led to panic buying boom, and the popularity once again confirmed the extremely strong musical charm of Xue Zhiqian and his influence on fans.

       It has been 12 years since Xue Zhiqians debut in the talent show in 2005, and he has now grown from a big boy  singing Attentive Snowinto a king of punsterappearing most frequently in a dozen of variety TV shows. Various labels of the singer, actor, punster, and a big name of variety show always present a completely different Xue Zhiqian to the audience, but in his overlapping identity, he has never forgot that he is a singer. To participate in the program is to save money to release his album and to be able to create better music, and Xue Zhiqian's identity of a singer has become his own insistence and a sign of a person who stays true to the mission. In 2016, he won Most Popular Male Artiste Award, Top Five Most Popular Male Artistes Award, Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Shanghai) and Most Popular Composing Artiste Award with "Gentleman" and "Half" in the sixteenth Global Chinese Music Awards. Xue Zhiqian insistence on music and his attention of the creation has made more and more people see his attitude and gained wide recognition from the fans. It is understood that Xue Zhiqian has prepared a lot of unexpected surprises and super benefits for the fans at the concert site.

       Reporters learned from the Sports Center that, in addition to waiting for the official selling of tickets on, the fans can also subscribe the WeChat official account of "Damai Center" to participate in WeChat activities to win concert tickets. At the same time, in order to facilitate the fans to go to and from the SportsCenter safely and conveniently on the day  of the concert, the fans can book for scheduled shuttle bus with a total of three lines to choose from on In addition, the fans from afar are also blessed, as they can make reservations in Dalian Fenicos Hotel in the area of Dalian Sports Center, so that the fans can not only enjoy the view of the Sports Center from the hotel, but also walk for only 5 minutes to the Sports Center without worrying about traffic jam to miss the opening of the concert.


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