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Information on Entry for Tennis Court Center Audiences


1、People entering into the tennis venue must strictly observe the venue management regime and maintain the public order conscientiously.
2、People must wear soft-sole sports shoes to enter into the venue. It is prohibited to wear leather shoes, high-heel shoes, shoes with nails, black-sole shoes to enter. Such behaviors causing damage to the venue as hard or sharp articles falling on the venue must be avoided.
3、It is prohibited to smoke, chew gums on the venue and bring colored beverages or food with sugar in. Do not spit everywhere. Please put beverage bottles and sundries in dustbins conscientiously.
4、Please do not change venue without authorization. It is prohibited to move, disassemble, pull, compress tennis nets, frames. Any loss as a result of these must be compensated according to the price.
5、When entering into or exiting from the venue, pay attention to safety and avoid collision with others.
6、Drunkards, patients with serious diseases are not allowed to have activities in the venue.
7、Please preserve belongings with you properly and we will not be liable for any loss.
8、Each court allows a maximum of 6 people to use. Audiences are not allowed to enter into any court.


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