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Information on Entry for Stadium Tourists


1、Enter into the area you need to reach according to what are shown on the venue sign board.    
2、It is prohibited for patients suffering such serious diseases as heart disease, high blood pressure, infectious diseases, etc. to do sports in the venue.
3、It is not allowed to bring any infant in. Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by adults to watch matches.
4、It is not allowed to bring such controlled articles as imitation gun, dagger, bat, long stick, sharp object, etc.; beverages with soft and hard packages, especially those containing alcohol; and food easy to throw beyond one’s need (such as a lot of fruits or eggs, etc.).
5、It is prohibited to bring banners, slogans and other propaganda articles with political, racial, regional, commercial contents and violating Chinese laws.
6、It is limited to bring any unauthorized professional camera equipment (except small portable camera equipment for home use) and tripods for cameras and video cameras; such unauthorized articles as diverting the attention of athletes in competitions, technical officers, coaches, interfering the electronic signals, cluster signals of Olympic Game, affecting competitions or hindering others watching competitions, including but not limited to radio sets, laser devices, amplification units, walkie-talkies, radio equipment.
7、It is prohibited to bring articles that may affect safety and violate Chinese laws or ticket agreement, such as lighter, match and other ignition devices, syringe, agent, etc.    
8、Please preserve valuable articles properly and no compensation will be made for any loss.
9、The electric, fire and other supporting facilities in the gym and the electric boxes at stands are to be operators by our workers. It is prohibited for them to be tempered with. 
10、Please do not climb the railings and smoke, spit anywhere, litter garbage on the venue.
11、After events, audiences should exit in due order without crowding and staying inside.


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