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Dalian Golden Pebble Beach



    The Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist and Holiday Resort is located in Liaodong Peninsula——at the northeastern tip of Dalian by the coast of the Yellow Sea, being a back yard garden of romantic city Dalian among the first group of the best tourist cities in China.
    In 1988, the Golden Pebble Beach was determined as a national class famous scenic site; In Oct. 1992, it was approved by the State Council to establish a national tourist and holiday resort; in 2000, it was rated as the first group of national AAAA class tourist scenic sites over the country; in 2002, it passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 international quality and environmental system certifications; in 2004, it was rated as a national geological park of China; in 2010, it was rated as a national AAAAA class tourist scenic site.
    The Golden Pebble Beach is 50km from Dalian city center with a land area of 62 sq. km. and a sea area of 58 sq. km. Here it is encircled by sea on three sides, where it is warm in winter and cool in summer with a pleasant climate. The coastlines extending for 30 plus kilometers converge geological wonders with 300-900 million years. The Sinian rocks coming into existence 600 million years ago form a magnificent bizarre rock landscape, which is called a “set animal world”, a “natural geological museum”, has a good reputation as a “sculpture park from divine power”.
    The Golden Pebble Beach consists of the eastern peninsula, the western peninsula and the spacious hinterland and seawater bathing place between the two peninsulas. Here there are Jinshi Wax Work Museum for World Famous People, A Geological Museum, Dalian Binhai National Geological Park, an international motor vehicle camping site, Jinshi Tangfeng Hot Spring, Jinshiyuan Park, Wanfuding Park, Chinese Martial Art School, Jinshi Discovery Kingdom Theme Park, Mao Zedong Badge Museum, a model film and TV art center, Jinshi Hunting Club, Jinshi Equestrian Base, Jinshi International Conference Center, Jinshi Golf Club, Jinwan Golf Court, etc.
    Now the Golden Pebble Beach has become a first choice for people to escape summer heat. The cool and pleasant climate, tasty and tempting seafood, picturesque ocean coasts, quality and complete facilities, mysterious and ancient bizarre rocks, unique exhibition halls, crazy and stimulating activities and the internationalized theme park which is the largest in scale over the country have attracted a million of domestic and foreign tourists to play here. Such colorful theme celebrations as Dalian International Sand Beach Culture Festival, the International Swimming Festival, Grape Garden Party, etc. add fresh vitalities and infinite charms to the Golden Pebble Beach.
    "Happy and dynamic, zestful and natural; romantic Dalian, exciting sea beach", the annual Dalian International Sand Beach Festival, characterized by universality, participation, internationality and pulling strength, has become another important tourist festival brand and a new city festival of Dalian. 
    Based on the service purpose as “the tour in the Golden Pebble Beach starts with letting every tourist satisfy”, the Golden Pebble Beach provides for every tourist quality touring, shopping, amusement, food, accommodation, transportation services. We sincerely welcome friends from all circles to listen to and chase waves in the Golden Pebble Beach——enjoying infinite passion in leisure; we sincerely invite domestic and overseas guests and friends to appreciate rocks and views in the Golden Pebble Beach. Here is a place not only full of exotic mood, but also emitting the temptations of the great nature. It is an ideal resort for leisure, tourism and holiday……

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