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Li Wancai Required in Inspecting The Guarantee Work for The 12th National Sports Meet in The Game Zone of Dalian

To Fulfill Service Guarantee Work for All Events in A High-standard and High-quality Manner


      It is reported by this newspaper that yesterday Major Li Wancai stressed in inspecting the guarantee work for the 12th National Sports Meet in the game zone of Dalian that to hold the 12th National Sports Meet successfully was a glorious and serious task, which was also a new power to promote the sustainable and healthy economic and social development of Dalian. We must follow the general requirements for the event to make unrelenting efforts to fulfill without failing our mission the service guarantee work for all games at a high standard and a high quality with a high sense of responsibility, a high sense of mission and a exuberant work enthusiasm to ensure the success of the 12th National Sports Meet.

  Li Wancai came to the slalom race site in the 12th National Sports Meet located in the Golden Pebble Beach to check in detail the event service guarantee work and solicit opinions and suggestions of the Slalom Race Commission of the 12th National Sports Meet on all work in the game zone of Dalian. He showed his cordial thanks and greetings to all workers and volunteers present and viewed with interest together with nearly one thousand audiences the men’s single canoeing final in the canoe slalom event. He applauded for Teng Zhiqiang, an athlete from Liaoning Team, who won the championship in this event.

     Li Wancai pointed out that the 12th National Sports Meet was the first large comprehensive sports activity held in our country after the 18th CPC National Congress where a new generation of central leading group and central government was generated. As a main branch game zone, Dalian undertook a lot of important events. Doing a good job in service guarantee in the game zone of Dalian was a test to the governing ability of the Party committees, governments at all levels and was also a rare opportunity for the leading cadres at all levels to study and exercise. We must resolutely follow through and implement the important instruction spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the 12th National Sports Meet to implement effectively the requirement for a simple, plain and saving style throughout all the work in the National Sports Meet; we must take sports events as the core to comprehensively boost all items of service guarantee work, follow the guiding ideology as “grasping the rhythm, following the rule, strictly controlling the procedure,  striving for the best” to successfully fulfill all events undertaken by the game zone of Dalian with first-class stadiums and gyms, first-class facilities, first-class guarantees, first-class services and thereby boost the rural and urban mass sports activities to be carried out constantly in the whole city.

     Li Wancai stressed that related departments must comprehensively implement all technical guarantee schemes for the game stadiums and gyms and ensure the normal operation of power, network communication, public signal coverage, special contest web and information system during the event; it was imperative to emphasize well the key links in transport service guarantee and ensure clear road passage, safety and orderliness during the event; it was imperative to do a good job in security with full efforts by effectively implementing all measures, all preplans in an all-round manner and ensuring that there would be no blind zone, no careless mistake and it would be perfectly safe; it was imperative to strengthen all-round supervision to food suppliers and ensure the food safety in the game zone of Dalian; it was imperative to take advantage of the opportunity to hold the National Sports Meet to organize diverse forms of sports activities and create with a great effort the atmosphere for national people to do fitness.

     Zhu Chengqing, Vice Major, Xu Changyuan, Chief of the Administration Commission of Jinzhou New District, Luo Dongsheng, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, etc. participated in the event.



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